About Our Cyber Liaison Officer Program

CLOWhat is a Cyber Liaison Officer?
A CLO is an individual who has completed an OCIAC recognized CLO Basic Post Certified course in the state of California and can serve as a contact for a public safety agency as well as private organizations in matters related to cybercrime information and intelligence. A CLO, through continued training and access to resources, educates his or her home agency thereby enhancing cyber security, early warning, and awareness.

Who can become a CLO?
Law Enforcement / Military Police / Fire Investigators

How to become a CLO Partner?

  1. Request access to the CLO distribution list
  2. Complete the Cyber training class and receive CLO Accreditation / Certification
  3. Comply with information sharing standards set forth by the OCIAC and other participating agencies.

What to report?

The CLO program operates in an inclusive culture of information sharing that serves to enhance the overall understanding of cyber incidents that first responders may be expected to respond to. In order to better understand the threat landscape, CLOs are encouraged to report cyber incidents to the OCIAC, including (but not limited to):

  • Attempted or successful network intrusions
  • Temporary or permanent attacks that make phone lines or websites unavailable
  • Threats to expose sensitive stolen data
  • Unauthorized website modifications
  • Attempted or successful physical attacks against cyber infrastructure



Funded with FY2008 Anaheim/Santa Ana Urban Area Security Initiative  (UASI) Grant Funding.

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