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This course is NOT open to the public and restricted to Sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Law Enforcement Analysts, and Investigative unit personnel who will be functioning as a TLO within Orange County. 
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Policing Violent Extremism I
Thursday, March 3, 2022
0800 Hrs - 1700 Hrs
Villa Park, CA

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The purpose if this course is to teach first responders and public safety professionals to recognize the pre-incident indicators, tactics and ideologies of Radical Islamic terrorist organizations. .The student will be taught the history of Radical Islam, the creation, goals and ultimate objectives of every major Islamist terrorist organization including Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and ISIS. The students will learn how to understand and interpret Jihadist literature, including Inspire and Dabiq magazines – the two most prominent on-line propaganda weapons of Al Qaeda and ISIS. The students will be taught how Jihadist terrorist groups use the internet to recruit, radicalize and direct Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVE) in the West.

  • Fourteen hundred years of history, tracing the beginning of Islam, the rise of radical fundamentalism, and the creation of ISIS/ISIL
  • Local law enforcement’s understanding and integration of criminal information and intelligence
  • An examination of criminal acts committed in support of terrorism, terrorism indicators and warning signs
  • Multiple terrorism case studies and focus on recent homegrown Islamic terrorist plots and Islamic radicalization. Many of these case studies are derived from local incidents. They highlight terrorism indicators and how local law enforcement recognized and reported them 

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