Organized under the authority of the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC), the Healthcare Security Network (HSN) was formed to exchange training, information and appropriate intelligence among those members responsible for the safety and security of healthcare institutions, facilities and businesses.  The OCIAC Medical Liaison Officer, or MLO, acts as staff for the HSN members and publishes the newsletter Healthcare TIPS and bulletins to inform the community of safety/security items and educational events.  Membership in the HSN is open to those working in and with the healthcare sector.  Individuals wishing to join may apply by contacting the OCIAC MLO.

  OCIAC Medical Point of Contact
The MLO is the medical point of contact within the OCIAC for healthcare items and events.  Information or requests received by the MLO may be shared with the OCIAC staff, the Orange County Health Care Agency Health Disaster Services; and other Agency divisions, or with law enforcement and fire service agencies.  The MLO is available to medically represent the OCIAC at hospital/health care related meetings or events.

  Healthcare T.I.P.S.
Healthcare T.I.P.S. is published monthly and electronically distributed to the members of the HSN.  Members may contribute to this newsletter by submitting articles or pertinent training events related to healthcare and medical transportation.  Items may be submitted to the MLO.

  Alerts and Bulletins
Special notices are published in the forms of Alerts and Bulletins to inform healthcare safety and security managers and personnel of incidents and events that may have an impact on the delivery of medical services to the community.

  Training Promotion
The HSN community actively seeks out, promotes and sponsors educational training for healthcare security, safety, disaster preparedness managers and emergency response personnel.  Promoted topics include Homeland Security, terrorism recognition and prevention, as well as general safety, emergency preparedness and crime prevention related to the medical community.  The goal of all training is aimed at maintaining the operability of the entire healthcare system in Orange County and the southern California area.