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Active Shooter Response 3 Day Training
Monday, October 16 - Wednesday, October 18, 2023
0700 Hrs - 1600 Hrs
Santa Ana, CA

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 The Active Shooter Response course covers multiple training modules over 3 days; each an 8 hour day. Students learn proven tactics and techniques for smaller first responder elements in dealing with an active shooter and the initial response to a terrorist incident. Students have daily practical exercises as well as written exams throughout the 3 day curriculum. The Active Shooter Response course gives students instruction and practical application in the following tactical training:

Ø  Officers will learn proven tactical shooting skills during range sessions and force on force scenarios.

Ø  The student will learn the difference between the traditional response and the acceptable response to an active shooter situation along with initial response to terrorist situations.

Ø  The student will learn the proper techniques and skills needed to respond to an active shooter and terrorist situation.

Ø  Officers will become familiarized with current thoughts on the Priority of Life and the differences surrounding traditional and acceptable responses.

Officers will become aware of the Siege of Beslan, Columbine, and other active shooter incidences.

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